• Cambridge offers summer programming for both students who require a remedial course as well as enrichment opportunities. In the event that students retake a course, due to a failing grade, the final grade obtained during summer school appears on their transcript. Should a student choose to retake a Regents exam, the higher grade will be recorded on the student’s permanent record.

    Enrichment courses are also offered, based on interest, during the summer school program. These courses will appear on the student's transcript.

    2022 Dates

    • July 11 - First day of class
    • July 15 - Our one Friday of class.
    • August 14 - Last day of class/ Local Finals 
    • August 15-16 - Regents Exams
    Our schedule runs Monday through Thursday.  **EXCEPTION**  We will have class the first Friday, July 15.
    For more information, check the Summer School Brochure
    Registration (for Guidance Departments only) Click Here
    Class Schedule **Updated 7/5** - The class schedule is now posted below.  This schedule holds true for the majority of students.  If you are scheduled to take two classes, and you see them listed in the same session, we have made accommodation and will explain to you which class you will go to and when on the first day.  This only impacts a few students.

    Session 1  8:00-10:10                                   Session 2   10:15-12:25

    Global 1(Global 9)                                         US History/Global 2 (Global 10)/SS 7 & 8

    Math 7 & 8                                                     Pre-Algrebra/ Algebra I

    Biology & Science 7                                       Biology & Science 8

    English 10 & 11                                              English 7, 8, 9