Hello from Pre-K!  We hope everyone enjoyed the snow day, and got a chance to get out to play!   This week in our room we have been working on the letter I, and our new sight word, the.  We have also continued our winter theme.  We have been making mittens for our mitten tree, making snowmen of our own design, finished some make up work, introduced some new games and toys in the room, and even brought snow into the classroom for indoor recess!   It was a huge hit!   We are also sending home a sight word book with your child today. Please read it with your child. We will be introducing new books regularly and reading them in class.  The children have colored the books and circled the sight word within the book. 

              Next week we will be working on a shapes theme.  The letter we will focus on will remain I, and our sight word will be, see.  We will be making different projects with shapes we have cut out, and the children will be cutting out, playing games with shapes, reading books about shapes, and learning a song about shapes.  We will also be working on a Weekly Reader about Martin Luther King, Jr. 

              We have been working on our new Pre-K website. Please visit it and tell us what you think! - under the TEACHERS tab choose TEACHER WEBSITES and type DOLAN in the SEARCHING FOR A SPECIFIC TEACHER area; finally click on CAMBRIDGE PRE-K J


                       -No school on Monday, the 17th.

                       -If we were to ever have a two hour delay, please drop off at 10:30.

                       -We will start making our mail boxes soon for Valentine’s Day, if you could please send in one half-gallon milk/juice container (not plastic please) with your child, it would be appreciated. 

    Have a wonderful weekend!    Mrs. Dolan & Ms. Wendy





    Hello and welcome back!   This week we have been working on the letter W, talking about our winter theme, and learning our new sight word, We.  Some of the different projects we have been working on this week were, making different snow pictures with chalk, shaving cream, glue, and paint; making pictures of Ms. Wendy; making snowmen; making our new self portraits; making snowflakes out pretzels; and we have been learning a new snow dance song.  The children have been doing a great job getting back into the routine, and everyone has been working hard on making good choices.  We have also started bringing out the sleds for recess!   The children are having a great time and working great with the Kindergarten sharing our classroom sleds.  


    Next week we will continue our winter theme, with a focus on the letter I, and work on our new sight word, The.  We will be working on different projects using snow, and will be working on science activities that are fun in the winter.   We will also continue to learn songs/fingerplays about the snow, and read stories about winter. 



              -Please continue to send in warm clothes for recess.


              -January 17th, school closed. 


              -If your child comes home with outside clothing that is not yours, please just send it back, and we will locate the correct owner.  Thank you for being patient with us. 


                     Have a great weekend!   Mrs. Dolan & Ms. Wendy