Studio Art

  • Studio Art

    1. Course Description

    Studio art is a foundation course which fulfills an arts requirement for graduation. The diversity of the class members creates an opportunity to experience a broader scope of the school community. It is important that a cooperative atmosphere be established and maintained for a productive program.
    The curriculum will concentrate on the production of assigned visual projects, both 2D and 3D. An understanding of the elements and principles of design in art will be promoted through a variety of activities.
    There will be many occasions to view reproductions and video tapes (DVD’s) of artworks. The use of visual examples will help to strengthen your understanding of the elements and principles of design, and also to develop an appreciation for art.

    2. Requirements

    A.The student is responsible for the following:
    2.Active participation in discussions and other class activities
    3.Demonstrates acceptable effort on assignments and class work
    4.Purchasing a sketchbook (8x11 or 9x12, spiral bound) (OPTIONAL)
    5.Hand held pencil sharpen (small)
    6.Lead pencil and two ultra fine sharpie markers.
    7.Demonstrates respect for classmates, teacher, and art room materials.

    B.Grade will be based on the student’s performance in class, attendance, attitude, effort, and generation of ideas, work produced and a final overall portfolio review. The student’s yearly grade will consist of 4 quarterly grades average equally with a midterm project and final project grade.