8th Grade Art

  • 8th Grade Art

    Mr. Harrington



    Course Description


    Eighth grade art is a course that meets every other day for 40 weeks. This course is designed to expose the student to a variety of materials, art forms, methods, and approaches. The student’s projects will center on the elements of art and the principles of design. This approach will prepare students for Studio Art, if they so choose, in a following school year. Periodic use of visual examples will help to strengthen the students understanding of the elements and principles and will also foster a greater appreciation of Art.


    Each grading quarter will center around one of the following; drawing, painting, sculpture, or design. The students are expected to handle the classroom materials and equipment with respect and appropriate usage.





    The students are responsible for the following:

    1. Attendance (important since all work is completed in class)
    2. Active participation in discussions and all activities
    3. Effort (productive use of class time x “trying hard”)
    4. Cleaning up after yourself and maintaining a clean and safe room
    5. Treating classmates, the teacher, and themselves with respect
    6. Purchasing a sketchbook (8x11 or 9x12 spiral bound) (Optional) Recommend for students who plan on continuing with further study in the art department.
    7. Number 2 pencils, 2 ultra fine sharpies, and a small hand held pencil sharpener





    Grades will be based on student’s performance in class, attendance, attitude, effort, work produced and a portfolio of work. Each quarter students will receive project grades, and short group exercises that will combine to form their grade. The students will also have a midterm project and final exam project. These projects will count as a sixth of the student’s final grade. All work can and will be completed in class. No Homework!




    Students will occasionally participate in class critiques where they will learn to discuss work using the elements and principles as they connect to composition and visual communication.