Drawing and Painting

  •       Drawing & Painting Outline


    Purpose: To develop the student’s breadth and technical ability. Drawing and Painting will provide the students with a number of opportunities to strengthen their observational skills. Students will achieve this goal by completing many still life drawings. The students will also create works that will encourage creative thinking and will foster the ability to include conceptual ideology into their work.



    -         Regular Attendance

    -         Productive use of class time

    -         Appropriate planning

    -         Meet deadlines

    -         Respect for classroom, classmates, and teacher

    -         Work through problems sufficiently

    -         Complete home assignments

    (Optional) –Maintain a sketchbook (especially recommended for serious art majors)

    Projects: In class projects make up the majority of your quarterly grades and final average. It is mandatory that all projects be turned in to receive a mark for that quarter.  Projects should display an advanced level of talent, originality, and effort.  The sum of the projects completed by the student will be their portfolio. Thus, the student should take them seriously and push themselves to excel on each and every assignment.


    Home projects: Each quarter the student will receive one home project. These assignments will be graded equally to regular in class projects. They will count as a full project grade. They are designed to help expand the number of breadth pieces that the student has in their portfolio. It is the students responsibility to budget their time and turn them in on time.


    Sketchbooks:  (8 Sketches per quarter)

       Critiques: There will be one critique each quarter. Participating                                                     in class critiques is mandatory. Discussing your work with your peers will    help you to grow as an artist.


    Grades: will consist of the sum of all projects for any given quarter averaged equally. This includes the home assignment.