Eateries For NYC Trip

  • Restaurant





    873 7th Ave


    Between 55th,56th

    Carnegie Deli

    854 7th Ave


    Sharing add $3

    Benash Deli

    857 7th Ave


    Burger Platters

    Fluffy’s Cafe

    855 7th Ave


    Good Reviews

    Café Metro

    839 7th Ave


    Health Minded


    205west 51st St.


    Off 7th Ave

    Ray’s Pizza

    831 7th Ave


    Slice special

    Stage Delicatessen

    833 7th Ave

    Big menu

    Big price range

    761 7th Ave - KFC

    Friday’s, Pizza Hut,

    Tim Horton, Tad’s,

    Nathan’s (cluster)

    Majestic Deli

    200 West 50th St.

    $7sand $11 triple

    At 7th Ave & 50th


    *Brown bag lunch may be brought along. If you receive a free lunch from school you are entitled to have the school provide one for the trip. You must let me and Mrs. Braun know in advance so it can be arranged.


    There are many choices for food in the general area of 7th avenue and the (50s) streets, that are not listed on this sheet. Other choices will be available. Students will eat in groups of no less than 4 students each. Please plan ahead who you will be eating with and let me know your food group, and where you will be eating.