Materials List

  • Materials List (Mr. Harrington)



    Studio Art

    Drawing & Painting

    8th Grade Art


    1-Pencil Holder (nylon with zipper) To be brought to class each day.

    2-(extra) or (ultra) fine Sharpies (black)

    2- Fine point Sharpies (black)

    6 pack - Ticonderoga no. 2 pencils

    1-hand held pencil sharpener

    1-eraser (large enough for years use)

    1-“spiral bound” sketchbook (9x11 or as close as you can get) please do not get the glue bound type, they fall apart almost immediately. Please put student’s name on the outside cover using your fine point sharpie.

    1-charcoal pencil



    *Optional – good quality drawing pencils (ebony), blending stumps, colored sharpies, or any other small drawing supply to fit in the students pencil holder.


    *Optional for Drawing & Painting Students – a set of 12 acrylic paints “Liquitex” brand works very well. Student may also want to purchase a set of acrylic brushes.

    *Note optional materials are totally optional. Paint and brushes and pencils will be provided. Have their own paints will be a convenience, but not a necessity.