Be Prepared for NYC Field Trip

  • Be Prepared


    Fall weather is unpredictable, a jacket with a warm shirt are good items to have along. We will be walking outside a lot. Dress appropriately. Remember the weather forecast for Cambridge is not necessarily what NYC will have. A small portable umbrella in your pack would also be a good idea. If it is warm we can always shed layers. The following are a must:

    -         Light jacket

    -         Comfortable walking shoes (no flip flops)

    -         Pants (no shorts please)

    -         Camera (many great photography opportunities in the city) *optional but strongly recommended.

    -         Small portable umbrella if weather dictates.

    -         Money for food (suggested amounts listed on other sheet) *may bring your own*

    -         Cell phone if you have one. (give me your number)

    -         Carry your itinerary in case you get separated from the group.

    -         Enough clothing layers so that you may be comfortable depending on temperature.  (Including hats, scarfs, gloves, etc.)


    Students can carry a back pack and should expect to leave it at the check-in while at the museum.