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    Why study Latin? Since more than sixty percent of English vocabulary comes from Latin, it can immensely increase your child’s vocabulary.  In addition, Latin words have come and continue to come into English usage in scientific, medical, and legal terminology. Also, knowledge of English grammar, sentence structure, and style will be among the outcomes of Latin study.  Latin students score higher on the verbal portion of the SAT than students of any other language.


    Latin is an invaluable resource for understanding virtually every aspect of Western culture. The advances in academic disciplines and the turning points in history and religion that occurred during Rome’s lengthy reign have had a lasting impact on society. Furthermore, Rome can claim some of the greatest writers who ever lived, several of whom C.C.S. Latin students will read in the original. In addition, modern Romance languages, such as Spanish, French, and Italian, spring directly from Latin.


    Also, students can earn up to seven hours of college credit taking Latin IV Poetry and Latin IV Prose through the University in the High School program. In addition, students in their second year of advanced story have the opportunity to earn AP Latin credit and take the AP exam in May. 


    Finally, Latin is fun. Students will learn about mythology and Latin culture throughout the year. We take the National Latin Exam in March, which provides students with the opportunity to earn glory for their scholarly achievements (pictured above are recipients of 2010 NLE awards). Latin II-IV students take an annual field trip to a major museum, such as the Metropolitan in NYC or the MFA in Boston. Also, Latin students travel to Italy every three years (The next trip will be April, 2019.) In addition, we have an active Latin club that culminates in a highly anticipated banquet in May.


    Please access the Ecce Romani textbook website and Quizlet links on this page for additional practice.   


    SUPPLIES (for All Levels of Latin):

    *a binder (1.5” or larger)

    *five dividers

    *loose leaf paper

    *a 3-ring binder pencil case



    *a textbook cover

     (Note: Students are discouraged from bringing backpacks into class so a binder is essential for successful organization.) 


    If you have any questions, please contact me at or 677-8527x1549.