American Literature (English 11)

  • This year we will be studying American Literature and preparing for the New York State Common Core English Language Arts Regents examination. A passing score of 65 or higher on this exam is required in order to graduate with a Regents diploma. Our study of literature will begin with Native American and early settlers’ texts, and move chronologically through our literary history. As we read works from all genres of writing, including but not limited to poetry, prose, essays, speeches, and journals, we will also be studying several major works, including The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, The Scarlet Letter , by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, along with Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. We will not only be looking at the literature itself, but the historic events and movements that inspired these writings, as well as the historical impact these works had on the growth and development of our nation.

                In order to accomplish all of our goals it is important that students:


    1.      Come to class on time, with all necessary materials, including, but not limited to,     homework, writing utensil, notebook.

    2.      Participate in class discussions

    3.      Work cooperatively with peers.

    4.      Respect the speaker, whether a classmate or the teacher.

    5.      Meet assignment due dates with best effort illustrated.


    Attendance is very important, and any student who is absent must take responsibility for attaining all missed notes and assignments upon return to class.



    Homework can be collected or it may be checked at your desk, with a check, check plus, check minus system (for a 10 pt assignment, this would mean an 8, 10, or 6 respectively). It is expected that you will have your homework completed by the beginning of the class period. Homework that is handed in late may suffer a 10% drop in points for every class day late. Because of the extensive amount of work that must be covered, Homework will be assigned many nights.    


    Needed Materials:

    • Perforated Notebook (every day)
    • Composition Notebook (every day)
    • Durable Two-Pocket Folder (for research)
    • Writing Utensils (every day)


Ernest Hemingway