Design and Drawing for Production (DDP)

  • Design and Drawing for Production (DDP)

    Updated Supply List for Fall 2018 Each student is expected to maintain a dedicated, organized 3 ring binder for DDP.  A 3/4" 3 ring binder will be sufficient for the entire year and may be stored in the HS Technology room unless the binder needs to be taken home in order to study.

    The student's name and class are to be clearly shown on the cover of the binder and no other materials from other classes are to be present.

    Please note:  Plenty of paper, slightly used binders are available in the tech room at the start of the year so you do not need to go out and purchase a binder.  However a binder does need to be available within the first week of school.  Please ask me if you would like to reuse an existing binder.

    The successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for Computer Aided Design (CAD).  The following are major units in DDP that all students will complete during the year.

    • Metrology - Students will become proficient in reading a ruler and scale, unit conversion, unit analysis and will be introduced to the proper use of dial calipers.
    • 3D Computer Aided Design using SketchUp
    • 2D Drafting and Package Design
    • Intro to Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop
    • Sketching and Product Design
    • Intro to Computer Programming and Game Design
    • Bridge Building Competition
    • Website Design and Social Media
    • Energy - Nuclear and Alternative Energy
    • Digital and Analog Circuit Design