Classroom News

  • Welcome to the High School Technology News page!

    Below is a listing of current class projects for each High School Technology course.

    Design and Drawing for Production (DDP) - Design and Drawing for Production students are currently beginning the WTC Freedom Tower Design Project.  Students will be working with a 3D computer model of lower Manhatten and will create a 3D model of their design for the new Freedom Tower currently being construction in New York city.

    Comptuer Aided Design (CAD) - Computer Aided Design students are currently working in 2D AutoCAD creating detailed drawings that are correctly dimensioned and toleranced.  Students will also create a project using their 2D CAD files that have been cut out using the laser cutter.

    Architectural Drawing and Design (ARCH) - Students are currently working on a scaled conceptual model for a LEED certified sports stadium.  Students will utilize a range of materials that may be modified with the laser cutter while creating their model.

    Robotics and Computer Programing (Intro to CS) - Students will begin programming the SumoBots as well as working with digital oscilliscopes in teams of two which will allow them to observe and manipulate a range of waveforms associated with the field of robotics and servo control.

    Principles of Engineering (IS) - Independent study students are working on airfoil design and the electric vehicle project.