Visual Arts


    In our Art Studio everyone is offered to opportunity to be as successful as they can be. Constant problem-solving and creative decision-making are the basic foundations of CREATIVITY .  The goal is to have each student engaged at every level of decision making so eventually this process becomes natural.

    Drawing and Painting


    Stained Glass


    "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso"


    Each class provides students an opportunity to be creative and offers a positive productive atmosphere where unique ideas are accepted and encouraged!


    Art Class is part of the whole educational experience at CCS!  Every project incorporates an element of Math, Science, English, and contextual History. 

    We work very hard to make the connections that only a quality Art Education can.  All of our projects support learning in Core areas.  

    Each project deals with inventiveness, problem solving, intuition, reasoning, and imagination.  Melding all the disciplines together plays a key role in our studio, preparing students for real world experiences, where they will need to call upon upper level thinking skills.

    Art Studio 134 supports the importance of appreciation for creative growth, respect for ideas, a safe tolerant working atmosphere, and enthusiasm!