Supply List

  • In our studio everyone is offered the opportunity to be successful and learn how to use materials in a responsible manner in order to achieve their plan.

    2019 -2020 Visual Arts

    Mrs. Duggan

    Supplies and Requirements:

    Drawing and Painting, Stained Glass and Ceramics, Studio In Art are courses geared for students who wish to learn and explore art using a wide variety of resources and materials. While investigating
    many diverse art techniques and approaches to solving creative problems, each student will begin a personal journey into better understanding how to communicate an idea or concept.  There is a huge focus on mastering technical skills based on the elements and principles of art. 

    Every project will incorporate information learned in previous projects, therefore daily attendance is extremely important! 

    In our Art Studio everyone is offered to opportunity to be as successful as they can be. 

    Constant problem-solving and creative decision-making are the basic foundations of each class, the goal is to have each student engaged at every level of decision making so eventually this process becomes natural.

    Keeping a positive attitude and having lots of enthusiasm greatly improves the possibility for success.
      While in the Art Studio the eagerness to take risks and to be open to the unknown is essential to developing each student's maximum potential. 

    In our Art Studio here at Cambridge Central School every project includes aspects of Science, Math, Social Studies, Literature, and Culture.  A great Art Education provides students the opportunity to learn how to work successfully in the ever-changing world we live in.  Communication and art go hand in hand and our young people need to know how to visualize information, process it, and create it.  This is the golden opportunity offered in Studio 113 !

    See you in September 2020!

    General Suggested Supplies:
    Please consider obtaining the following supplies....there are NO "mandatory" supplies needed for any art class I teach...

    • 9" x 12" - Sketch Book (spiral bound - white drawing paper)
    • Several fine line black markers
    • Kneaded eraser
    • Quality Pencil Sharpener
    • Several pencils for drawing ( Ebony, conte crayon, charcoal, or graphite)
    • Storage tackle box
    • -optional- if you want to buy some oil paints or watercolor paints please purchase "Winsor Newton Winton" - see my painting page for colors....other brands may not be consistent in quality and color.
    • basic "pottery tool set" - buy wood not plastic
    • pieces of colorful broken pottery or glass...for mosaics
    • digital camera to record progress