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  • Welcome to Mrs. Gifford's website and your 
    Living Environment/Biology Classroom!
    Enjoy your summer!!!!
    Living Environment
    Spring peepers are largely behind us.  Fire flies, welcome summer break.  Monarchs start migrating south as school approaches.  When the native fall asters begin blooming, we will welcome one another to our Living Environment classroom.  Until then, spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. 
    When you return to school, please bring the following items in preparation for your Living Environment class:
    - 3-ring binder - 1.5" or larger
    - loose leaf paper or a spiral-bound notebook
    - tab dividers - enough for at least 5 sections
    - pens, pencils, erasers


    AP Biology
    The AP Biology curriculum is a fast-pace class with a heavy emphasis on detailed reading and laboratory experience.  Equip yourself with materials that will help you be a stronger student.  If you don't have strong feelings about what those materials may be, I suggest at least the following:
    - 3-ring binder - 1.5" or larger
    - loose leaf paper
    - tab dividers - enough for at least 5 sections
    - spiral bound notebook for recording observations/data during labs
    - pens, pencils, erasers
    While I have colored pencils and markers in the classroom, those of you who enjoy organizing and adding color to your notes may prefer your own colorful writing implements.
    AP Bio Students: If you have not already stopped by to pick up a textbook and your summer assignment, please send me an e-mail so we can set up a time to meet and get you the needed materials.
    I look forward to seeing each of you in the fall as we embark on our exploration of how life works.
    The best way to reach me is at- stephanie.gifford@cambridgecsd.org.