Español I

  • ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español I!  
    This year we will continue to explore the Spanish language and culture together.  After most of us have had at least one semester of Spanish, we will spend some time reviewing material from last year.  Our class will focus on a communicative approach, where we will study, learn and use basic conversation in Spanish.  We will learn in the four modes of communication: speaking, listening, reading and writing.  We will also experience the vast Spanish-speaking culture through several projects and our field trip.  I look forward to our year together- let's make it a great one!!!  ¡OLE!
    Some of the concepts we may review/ cover: 

    - Cognates

    - Greetings/ salutations- including all beginning conversation for meeting someone

    - Biographical Information- age, nationality, address/ phone #, family, occupation (basic), place/ date of birth

    - Physical Characteristics- hair/ eye color, height, physical descriptions (adjectives), colors

    - Psychological Characteristics- character, personality, likes/dislikes, tastes/ interests

    - Family- members, activities

    - Climate/ weather- seasons, temperature, conditions

    - Calendar- days, months, #’s 0-100

    - Alphabet- spelling in Spanish

    - Basic classroom objects/ classroom phrases and Q&A/ school subjects

    - Leisure time- verbs and vocabulary for events such as afterschool and weekends/ holidays
    - Clothing/ Colors

    - Health- Body parts, illness, feelings, emotions

    - Meal taking/ Food/ Drink- basic foods, understanding menus, some cultural dishes

    - Telling Time

    - Interrogatives

    - Employment- occupations (basic)

    - Verbs- definitions, regular/ some irregular conjugation

    - More study on Spanish-speaking countries, culture