Español III

  • ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español III!  
    This year we will continue to explore the Spanish language and culture together in more depth.  We have already learned some basic conversation in Spanish I and we could probably go to a Spanish-speaking country and be able to communicate on a novice level.  We also covered several units on grammatical concepts in Spanish II.  This year, we will review the grammatical concepts, introduce a few more grammar tenses and continue to excel in the four modes of communication: speaking, listening, reading and writing.  We will also prepare for the Spanish Regents Exam- given in June.  I am looking forward to continuing our journey into the love of the Spanish language and culture! ¡OLE!
    Some of the concepts we may review/ cover: 
    Main Vocabulary Units Covered:

    - Some review of Spanish II vocabulary

    - Technology

    - Environment

    - Health (illness)

    - International travel/ excursions


    Main Grammar Objectives:

    - Review of Spanish II grammar

    - Preterit Tense

    - Imperfect Tense

    - Commands

    - Object Pronouns

    - Basic Subjunctive mood uses and conjugations

    - Future Tense

    - Conditional Tense

    - Demonstrative Adjectives and pronouns