Seventh Grade Health

  • 7th Grade Health

     We will discuss the following topics:

    • The three dimensions of health
    • Six steps in decision making
    • Refusal skills
    • Goal setting: Behavioral, Academic, and Fitness

    The importance of being a health literate consumer: Advertising techniques, comparison shopping, health fraud, malpractice, and where and how to find valid health information.

    Mental and Emotional Health: A handful of mental disorders such as Panic disorders, phobias, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, depression, and others.

    How to ensure healthy relationships: Communication, compromise, and cooperation.

    Personal Hygiene: Importance of disease prevention and keeping the body clean daily.  

    Puberty and Reproductive organs: Basic reproductive system and constant changes of the body. 

    Fitness and Nutrition: Importance of decision making and portion size

    Drug Prevention: How drugs affect the body systems, family relationships, and can change their future plans.