• Tech 8 Projects 


    ***May Vary for the 2020-2021 school year - Covid/ Remote Learning


    Invention Project - Google Slides


    Technology Applications - Create Various Computer Documents in Google Drive 

    Design & Communication - Blueprints, Drafting, Game Board Design, Graphic Collages (Tagxedo & Wordle) Glogster, Thinglink, Digital Cameras, Videos, Comic Life, etc...


    Manufacturing - OSHA, Packing/Boxes & The Egg Drop Project

    Construction - 3-D "Green" Eco-Friendly House Model, Bridge Research, Balsa Wood Truss Bridge Design Competition

    Energy, Power & Transportation - Alternative Energy Research, Automobile Evolution and Maglev Train Research

    Bio,Chemical & Future Tech- Computer Research and Exploring of Medical and Chemical Tech and Future Wheels and Forecasting

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