Regents Earth Science

  • Welcome to Regents Earth Science 2019-2020 school year.



    • I will be using a google calendar for upcoming assignments this year.  I will share the link with you.
    • Also, we will be using google classroom.  The code will also be provided on this page



    Bi-weekly updates:  Every other Friday, I will print out a grade sheet for your student.  A parent/guardian signature will be required and the student will recieve a 100% or 0%.  If you child is failing and I do not recive a grade sheet, I will inform you.  .   This will keep you informed as to how your student is doing. 


    Parent Portal - If you are not signed up for Parent Portal it's a great way to see how your child is doing.  





    You need a BIG 3 inch binder


    Blue/Black Pen


     big binder


    Grading:      Based on:

                       Unit Tests 45%

    Quizzes: 25%

    Homework and Classwork – 10%

    Complete and acceptable lab work – 20%



    Make-up work:


    • 3 days or a zero
    • Work missed (notes, assignments, copies of PowerPoint’s) will be kept in a bin in the back of the room.   You may also access PowerPoints, HW and class notes on google drive.  
    • Labs: students will be assigned lab detention if they are absent from a lab or if they don’t complete it.  If they do not show for lab detention they will receive a referral and have to server the detention with me. 





    • Teacher website can be found at  
    • Google Drive will have papers and power points 



    Extra Help: 

    After school:  Monday-Thursday

    Number:  677-8257 mailbox 1510

    E-mail:   Best way to reach me


    My number one priority is the student.  If you need help on labs/homework or class material I will accommodate you to the best of my ability!!!   I want you to be successful in my class but you need to make sure you do your work to the best of your ability.  If there is ANY problem or concern, please come see me!!   I look forward to a successful school year!!!




    Enjoy your summer.  See you in September.



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