English 9 Summer Reading

  • Summer Reading Assignment!

    There are also copies of these assignments in the HS Guidance Office
    English 9:

    Your Task:  Throughout the school year you will have various independent reading assignments, so completing this assignment will give you a jump start!  It will be worth 50 points for the first 5 week set of grades.

    • Read two books, of your choice, that have a minimum of 125-150 pages

      • OR one book that consists of a minimum of 300 pages.

      • The book can be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, book of poetry, etc….

      • Needs to be at or above your reading level, don’t pick something that is too difficult to read so that you don’t enjoy it.

    • Write a review of the book(s)

      • This can be typed or handwritten.  If you handwrite it, please use your best handwriting.  If I can’t read it I can’t grade it.

      • Discuss the things you liked and disliked about the book.

      • Discuss whether or not you would recommend this book to others and why.

      • Discuss one literary element that is prevalent in the book and helps the reader to understand the story (i.e. setting, imagery, characterization, conflict, etc…)

    • The first week of school you will create a presentation of one of your books (or the book if you choose to read a larger story) for your classmates that highlights the best parts of the book, what you thought, recommendation, etc.  If you want to start this over the summer please feel free.  You can use any presentation format:

      • Google Slides

      • Poster

      • Glogster, Animoto, Imovie, etc…..



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