• WSWHE BOCES provides educational services for students of all age levels and abilities. We recognize and encourage student success, and continue to increase collaboration and communication with component school districts.

    Our component school districts are provided programs in Career and Technical Education, Special Education, Adult Education, and Gifted and Talented Education. Through our School Support Services, we also provide professional training and staff development, which place a continuing emphasis on program quality and responsiveness to district needs.

    Dedicated staff members, teachers, administrators and board members continue to work hard to provide quality programs and services based on present and future needs. WSWHE BOCES serves as an invaluable resource to thirty-one school districts in five counties of upstate New York.

    High school juniors and seniors have the option to attend BOCES Career and Technical Education programs for part of their school day. BOCES provides students the opportunity to do hands-on learning for specified fields. To view the programs BOCES offers, click the link below.