• Cambridge Class of 2021

    The elected Class of 2021 officers are responsibile for creating and implementing Fundraisers and Events for class. They also represent the class in the CCS Student council.

    Any Class of 2021 member can participate in yearly elections if they complete the requirments for nomination.

    Each elected Member must adhere to guidelines for the position they currently hold or are elected to.

    Meetings can be attended by any class of 2021 member, unless the meeting is call in executive session. 

    Meeting schedule for the year is dependant on events and planning needs.

    This upcoming Junior year looks to be a busy year for the Class of 2021 officers as they will work closely with the Junior Prom Committee to plan the 2020 Junior prom, along with planning and implementing the class fundraisers and events. 


    Yearly events each class is allowed:

    Major Fundraisers: 1 per year

    Minor Fundraisers: 2 per year

    Social events: 2 per year

    Balloon Fest Participation

    All events are possible each year, but event schedules depend on availability of time and space.

    Approval of events are governed by the Student Council.


    Advisor for the Class of 2021: Heather McNulty

    Facebook page for students and parents of the Class of 2021: @ccs2021


    Upcoming Events for the 2019/2020 school year:

    Spring Flowering Basket Sale

    Junior Prom