• - March 31, 2020

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    To All,

    We know that these are very difficult and uncertain times for everyone.  We are all being asked to do things that run contrary to what we have always done.  Most of us like to get out and interact with our friends and neighbors, go out for entertainment, enjoy company.  In these difficult times we are trying to reach out as much as possible to calm turbulent waters.  We greatly appreciate your understanding as we are developing new ways to do things in these difficult times.

    Today, our staff was able to distribute more than 400 Chromebooks for student use.  If you were unable to arrange for this, please contact the main office in your child’s building and we will work to facilitate getting this to you.

    While there are some things that we are able to fix, there are other things that are currently beyond our power.  We live in a rural setting and as a result many of our children do not have access to high speed Internet services.  We currently do not have the technology or ability to fix that though we are trying to come up with solutions.  Our current solution is to have our wireless network in the building open for access from our parking lots.  We understand that this is not ideal, but we are trying to figure out other possibilities.  We appreciate you continued patience as we work on solutions to these issues.  If you do take advantage of that access, please practice social distancing to keep everyone safe.