• Daily update – April 3, 2020 

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    To All,

    I remember my first year of teaching very well.  I remember my years of training and I also remember how scared I was when I first started.  I was scared of making mistakes, I was scared I might do the wrong thing for my children.  Even with the many years of school and training I had I was still scared.  What if I didn’t do enough?

    I can imagine that is how many of you are feeling right now.  I chose to go into teaching, it is my passion.  I can only imagine how it feels for you having it pushed on you with very little notice.  All while you are still trying to work and handle the daily routines of your homes.  All while new guidelines are coming out in the face of this pandemic.  We at CCS understand your stresses.  We understand that there are many priorities in your day.  We hope that we can relieve that pressure to some extent.  We are here to help.  We don’t expect that everyone will be able to do everything all the time.  We promise we will do our best, we promise to be understanding, we promise to be kind.  Use as much of this time as you can to connect with your children.  They need you more than ever before.

    Have a great weekend, do your best, stay home, stay safe.