• - Posted May 14, 2020

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    To All,

    I hope this message finds you well in these trying times and that you and your loved-ones are safe.  As we continue to move through this new world and attempt to complete this academic year we are working on details for a variety of changes we have had to make in short order.

    First, we are posting documents (linked below), and sending them out that will help explain our grading procedures for the end of the school year.  We have worked with our BOCES counterparts to share ideas and we have looked for a system that is equitable and fair for our children.  The grading documents will be sent to you, but they will also be posted on our COVID page on our web site.

    We are also working on details for our graduation ceremony.  Our first option most certainly would have been to have our traditional ceremony.  Conditions being what they are, we are not allowed to hold large gatherings of this nature.  Our high school team has been working on several ideas with input from our senior class officers.  As soon as we have these set up we will release them to you.  At any rate, we will be holding our graduation ceremonies on June 19, 2020 this year.

    We are also meeting to discuss our final days of remote instruction, and when they will wrap up for the school year as we also look to redesign our summer program to assist students who may need to get their course credit for the year prior to the start of next school year.

    These have been very trying times here at CCS, in New York, and in our country.  It is with grit and determination that we will get through this.  Our old normal may never be the same, but we will build the new normal moving forward.  We cannot wait until we can get our children back here with us!

    Stay Home, Stay Safe, be kind.

    Elementary Grading

    7-12 Grading