• Message from Superintendent Silvernell - posted June 4, 2020 

    To All,

    This year is a unique year for our school budget voting process.  In years past we all would have made our way to the CCS Auditorium to fill out our ballots and run them through the voting machine.  Given the pandemic, the governor has declared that there is no in-person voting happening, and the date for the vote was changed to June 9.

    Since there is no in-person voting, districts across the state were forced to send out absentee ballots to all eligible voters.  This was a difficult task to get together in a matter of a few weeks.

    Here at CCS we reviewed the Washington and Rensselaer County voter registry which we cross referenced with tax rolls for our localities.  We also reviewed the last 4 years of our polling registrations from our budget votes.

    Given the logistics we were forced to use an outside agency to print, compile, and mail our ballots based on the list we composed.  Given the huge volume of districts using these services, and the high demand for envelopes, many districts experienced delays in the printing process.  We were one of those districts.  The ballots were supposed to have been mailed on May 26th.  They were not mailed by the printers until June 1th.  At this point you should have received your ballots. 

    Here are some important things to consider:

    1. If you did not receive enough ballots for all the voters in your household, please contact us at 518-677-2653, extension 1010.
    2. If you feel that your ballot will not reach us by 5 PM on June 9th you can deliver it to the drop box we have set up at our district office at 58 South Park Street. This drop box will be available throughout but please be sure to have it to us by 5 PM on June 9th.
    3. Please remember to sign the affidavit envelope.
    4. You can find our budget newsletter on our web site as well.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 518-677-2653, extension 1010

    This link contains 2021-2020 Budget Documents