Assembly Bill number A04391

  • We are approaching the time for the Assembly to vote on the “look-back” bill for Cambridge Central School.  I am asking for your help again.  Start emailing the following people with the email below.  Since it is no cost PLEASE email as often as you can.  THANK YOU!!! 


    Please pass this on to everyone and anyone to help.


    Assemblywomen Nolan is the Chair of the Education Committee and the rest of the committee follows her email.


    Here is what you need to do:


    1.       Copy and paste the following email addresses into the “To…” line of your email:

 ;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    2.       Copy the following into the “Subject:” line
    Bill number A04391
    3.       Save the pdf attachment below to your computer and attach it to your email.
    4.       Copy the following email into the body of the email:

    My district needs your help.  Since the GEA (Gap Elimination Adjustment) that needs to be restored to our state aid allotment has once again not come to fruition, I am asking that you help the children of the Cambridge Central School District by passing Bill number A04391. Provides for the determination of actual valuation for the Cambridge Central School District.


    I have included a spreadsheet to summarize and help understand my comments but I realize it becomes quite busy, so please, if you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact Superintendent Canini.  Our assessed property values have risen due to the lowering of the individual township’s Equalization Rate thus causing our CWR (Combined Wealth Ratio) to rise by over twenty-seven percentage points (2005 CWR 51.6% to 2009 CWR 78.8%).  This lowers our Incentive Based Revenues (or our Expense Based Revenues) which also decreases the state aid that Cambridge CSD is scheduled to receive.


    We need your support.


    We in Cambridge CSD value our children and their education.  Even before the nation’s Race to the Top and the State’s involvement in teacher evaluation, Cambridge CSD has set and maintained high expectations ranking 3rd for the 3-8 grades ELA and Math out of 31 districts in the WSWHE BOCES; 15th academically out of 91 schools in the Albany Business Review; 56th out of 431 schools in a three-year study of the Buffalo Business First.  This trend will be extremely difficult to continue with shrinking state aid and the rise of yet more unfunded mandates such as the addition of APPR.  Our efforts, to prepare our children for the 21st Century workforce, need our combined energies. 


    Over the past three years when the numbers have had the most damaging effect on the children of the Cambridge CSD, I have been forced to cut $6.5 million dollars (cumulatively) from our budgets.


    Our schools, students, and communities are under duress and need your support and advocacy.  The gradual and undeniable dismantling of solid local schools only contributes to the regression in the quality of life experienced, with rural and urban centers suffering the most.  Our children are the future of our state and our nation.  You must act now to protect and support our most valuable resource.


    Please stand united and support Bill number A04391.  Provides for the determination of actual valuation for the Cambridge Central School District.


    Thank you.




    5.       Sign your name


    6.       Hit “Send”  (J)



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