• We understand that these are very difficult and trying times.  Here at CCS we have been developing plans to reopen our building to students in September.  We thank you for your patience in these tumultuous conditions.  Guidance and regulations from the state agencies and the governor's office are shifting almost daily.  Even as we were writing this we heard the governor announce additional criteria that had not appeared in the 173 pages of guidance documents from the New York State Department of Education and the New York State Department of Health.

    We know that many of you are trying to figure out how you would like to proceed with your own children.  Some of you have already decided to send your children to the building while others of you have already decided to either keep your child learning remotely, or home school your children.

    In order for us to continue with our planning we need to gather some detailed information.  To help you with your decision we have been posting various info-graphics to our web site to help clarify these processes.  We will be sending one out today for attendance.  You can find these graphics at our school reopening site. We will also be sending some out next week for health office procedures, health screening, and food service.

    If you feel that you already have enough information to make the decision, please fill out the questionnaire. If not, when you do feel you have enough information, please return to the form and fill it out.