• To All,

    We are eagerly awaiting the startup of our new school year.  As we move forward, and new information is coming out we are altering a few things we have previously shared.

    New scientific studies and local events have prompted us to revisit our mask policy here at CCS.  When we reopen, the expectation for our children is 2to keep their masks on at all times unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.  The scientific evidence shows that this is one of the best practices to prevent the spread of COVID, and other illnesses.  We are asking the teachers to provide regular mask breaks for the children each period of the day.

    Also, In order to help prepare our teachers better for a new mode of instruction, we have added a superintendent’s conference day on September 9 for professional development purposes.  This means that the first day for students will be Thursday, September 10.  We are excited to reengage with our children.

    Please enjoy the remainder of your summer and keep yourselves safe.


    Dr. Silvernell