Classroom Procedures and Guidelines

  • WELCOME to THIRD GRADE!  I am very excited and honored to be working with you and your child.  I am looking forward to a very enjoyable and successful year!   



     1. During the first week of school each child will be given a blank agenda book  for the year.  Daily use of this agenda book is required and is a great way to teach the children organizational strategies for this year and the years to come.  I am asking that you check that the children have completed each assignment correctly and sign the agenda book each night.  I check them each morning during our morning routine.


    2.  Periodically, I will be sending home a scholastic book order form.  It is entirely up to you if you would like to order or not.


    3.  We will be going out to recess every day that the weather permits.  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather every day.


    4.  Your child has many folders. One will be labeled “School”, which will remain in the desk to hold any unfinished work or special papers we need.  One will be labeled “Home” and it will go home each night and must be returned each day.  Please check the papers in it each night for important communications from the school or myself.  If you have any concerns, please feel free to write a note in the agenda book.  The other folders will be organized according to content areas and will only come home when it is time to study for a test.


    5.   I use the green, yellow, and red tags for discipline.  I compare this idea with a traffic light.  Just as the traffic light controls the flow of vehicles, this tag system controls the flow of our classroom.  If children are on green, that means that they are doing well and can keep “going”.  If they have to change to yellow, they need to be cautious; their actions/behaviors are not acceptable.  If they are asked to change to red, that means STOP!; their actions/behaviors will not be tolerated.    Color changes occur when: agendas are not signed, homework is not turned in, excessive talking, rude or impolite behavior in school, or any behavior that endangers another student or interferes with the educational process.  If your child is on red, he or she will miss half of a recess and I will conference with them about their behavior.  If your child remains on green the entire day, he or she will receive a sticker for their chart. Each child will be given their own sticker chart.  As soon as they collect 25 stickers they may visit the prize box!


    7.  I assign homework that I feel supports and reinforces what we have done in class. At the end of the day, the children take out their agendas and write in any homework assignments that they have for the evening. I write the homework on the front board and the children copy the assignments into their agendas.  The children are responsible for correctly writing the assignments in the right spot. In addition, I do ask that you spend 15-20 minutes each night reading with your child.


    8.  Birthdays:  We will celebrate birthdays once a month. I will contact you at the beginning of the month that your child has their birthday and let you know what day we will have our celebration. You can decide if you would like to send in a treat for the class for our monthly birthday celebration.  Because celebrating a birthday is such an extremely important event, on your child’s real birthday I will honor them with a crown and they will be our line leader for the day.  If your child’s birthday falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, I will honor them on the following Monday. We will have a celebration in June for all of our summer birthdays.


    9.  Each child in the class has been assigned a number according to our class list.  I use the numbers for many class management tasks.   Ask your child what their number is!


                  Last, but definitely not least, I respect you and your child and will do my very best to make your child feel happy, safe, and excited about learning!