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  • 6th Grade Supply List………………………………….2018-2019



    List of supplies:

              -3 one or one and a half inch binders

              -1 set of 8 plastic dividers with pockets

              -3 combination two pocket folder with three fasteners

              -3 glue sticks

              -2 packages of loose leaf paper

              -2 black and white composition notebooks

              -1 set of colored pencils

              -1 package of red pens for correcting

              -2 black fine point sharpie pens

              -2 packages of regular #2 pencils

              -2 packs of index cards (3x5)

              - Basic calculator

              - Two “extra large” and one “regular” fabric textbook cover


    **Students are responsible for providing their own pencils and paper

         throughout the school year.

    **Rolling backpacks do not fit in the sixth grade lockers, therefore        

        they are discouraged.

    **Trapper Keepers will not be used this year



                                                                                 Thank you,


    The 6th Grade Team,


                                                                                          Mr. Hamilton

                                                                                          Mrs. Zoufaly

                                                                                          Mr. Flint/Mrs. Brownell