A Note From Room 54

  • Dear Parents/Guardians,

    We are delighted to have your child in our class.  We are looking forward to our year together.  Fourth Grade will be busy.  There is a challenging curriculum as well as three state tests (Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science).  The good news is that the subject matter is very interesting, so we are confident that it will be wonderful year.  It is our goal that your child grows this year as a student and as a person.

    September will serve as a transition into our many routines.  By October, we will expect the children to be familiar with, and responsible for, these new expectations.

    Various assignments will be expected to be completed in our classroom each day.  In the event that work is not completed, it is expected that your child will complete it for homework.  Classwork and homework may be prepared in either print or cursive at this point, depending on each child's ability.  However, every assignment turned in by a student must be presented neatly.  Any classwork or homework that is on torn or soiled paper, or is written sloppily will need to be redone.

    All students have an agenda book where they will be able to write down each day's assignment, as well as a 3-ring binder with pockets to keep it in.  This will serve as a very important tool for organizing subject matter, keeping notes and papers neat, and as a way to communicate with us.  Each night check all of your child's homework and simply sign the bottom of their agenda for that day.  This will be a valuable communication tool for us all.

    As we begin the school year, the rules and expectations will be developed by the students with our guidance.  They will be based on mutual respect for each other with a purpose to learn.  We will be a community with the common mission of working together for the best possible education for everyone.  At the beginning of the school year we will investigate ways to help each other achieve our goals and enjoy our classroom responsibilities.

    If you have any questions, we can both be reached easily by school email.



    We both look forward to working with you to make this a very successful year.


    Robert Phillips

    Donna Phinney