Energy Conservation & Sustainability Committee

  • Cambridge Central School

    Energy Conservation & Sustainability Committee


    Established April 2006

    The energy conservation & sustainability committee is chartered to:

    • Explore, research, identify, and recommend possible energy conservation and sustainability opportunities for the Cambridge Central School District for the purpose of saving energy and resources at minimum to no expense.
    • Broaden the knowledge, understanding and awareness of state-of-the-art energy conservation issues, science, and technologies among the student body.

    By-products of the committee's work may:

    • Support further classroom education with actual real life examples developed for the school.
    • Develop and/or strengthen within the community and the student body, an interest and knowledge in energy conservation and sustainability concepts and technologies.

    Accomplishments of the committee include:

    • initiating the NYSERDA Technical Assistance Study for the School in 2006
    • Starting the school wide recycling program in June 2007
    • Spearheading the EXCEL 2010 Window replacement and Technology Project completed in 2011
    • participating in Capital Project 2011 which involves the completion of the window replacement
    • Helping develop the Energy Performance Contract of 2012 to increase the energy efficiency of the school

    Future goals of the committee include:

    • reductions in the schools waste stream
    • upgrading the school's HVAC system to a renewable system
    • passive solar gain
    • alternative transportation fuels for the fleet

    For more information please contact Phil Bell or Steve Butz

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