Writing Strategies


    Writing Strategies:


    Kids have access to a huge number of words in writing through what they know in reading. However, sometimes, they don’t think about them “in the moment” while they write. If they come to a word they’re not sure of how to spell, ask them to “try it three ways” on a scrap piece of paper. By writing the different ways a word could be spelled (plae, plai, play), they will often recognize the correct spelling because they’ve seen it so often.


    -         Celebrate and Encourage attempts at new, interesting, and difficult words!


    -         Ways to make practicing new words fun for younger writers:

    o   Salt trays- put sand/salt on a cookie sheet, have your child practice spelling words by writing with their finger in the salt

    o   Shaving cream- same as above, but with a blob of shaving cream on a table (it will clean the table as well!)

    o   Rainbow writing- write a spelling word on a piece of paper, have your child trace it with different colored crayons

    o   Sandpaper tracing- similar to writing in the salt tray