Words I learned in first grade

  • a                           I                           no

    so                          of                          is

    all                          some                     come

    from                      word                      are

    have                      were                     one

    once                      do                         who                      

    to                          the                        said            

    says                      was                       when                    

    why                       what                      which

    here                      there                    he

    she                        we                         me

    be                         they                      their

    my                         by                         you

    your                      like                       an

    and                        help                       big

    see                        make                     friend

    can                        play                       run

    fun                        away                      find

    jump                      little                     not

    with                      want                      went 

    funny                     ate                        came

    ride                       that                      favorite                         

    boy                        girl                        should

    could                     would                     because                

    down                      saw                       look

    good                      soon                      too

    have                      after                     out

    coin                       our                        thank

    please                   round                     now

    for                        yesterday              her

    know                      any                        ask                       

    tomorrow               this                       again                    

    old                         put                        today

    give                       going                     our

    very                      over                      don’t

    really                     can’t                      are

    then                      mother                  watch

    write                     but                        into

    new                       pretty                   will

    yes                        walk                      think

    under                    before                  been

    love                       may                       how

    picture                  coach                     two

    school                    asked                    teacher

    stopped                 children                 larger

    germs                    again                     every

    get                        eat                        must           

    spring                   them                     lucky

    did                        well                       say

    just                       has                        his                       

    as                          fly                         had

    him                        open                      take

    ran                        let                         where