Use of Facility Request Form

  • When To Fill Out a Use of Facility Form

    If someone would like to use any portion of the Cambridge Central School property, whether it be inside or outside, a "Use of Facility Form" must to be filled out and submitted two weeks in advance. If it is a last minute request, there is no guarantee the request can be accommodated.

    Requests will not be added to the calendar until a "Use of Facility Form" is approved. Therefore, checking the calendar and seeing a “free” area/room will does necessarily mean that a room will be free. If there is a question with access to an area/room please call Cathy Eriksen extension 1421.

    An outside organization must also include a proper "Certificate of Insurance." No outside organization will be allowed to use any portion of the property without such a certificate. 

    Any time a vendor (for class sales), college rep, speaker, etc. visits the school, we need to know in advance and  document it with a "Use of Facility Form."  A "Certificate of Insurance" is not necessary for this type of usage.  Whoever “invited” the person or group should fill out the "Use of Facility Form."

    If for whatever reason there needs to be an adjustment, and another location needs to be substituted (for example one room request is switched to another room) this change needs to be immediately communicated to the individual who maintains the calendar of events, Cathy Eriksen extension 1421, to ensure there are no duplication of in booking a particular room or area.

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