First Grade Homework - Why Can't I Skip My reading

  • Homework:

    So, here's what I think about homework (after my 30+ years of teaching)!

    1. The general rule is 10 minutes of homework for every grade level.   I don’t include reading at home when I’m talking about homework.  So I expect 10-15 minutes (or so) of homework and 10-15 minutes of at-home reading nightly.
    2. I only assign homework Monday-Thursday (again reading is not included in this). Here's what should be happening: 
    • Practice sight words (2-3 nights a week)
    • Practice math flashcards (2-3 nights a week)
    • Practice spelling words
    • Read, read, read!

    Sight Words: Practice new word wall words (sight words) that are sent home. These words are sight words for reading. They are placed on the word wall after we practice spelling, writing, reading, and finding them in stories. Students are expected to spell these words correctly in their writing after they are introduced. It is very important that your child be familiar with these words. We test the students on quick identification of them for report cards. 

    Reading books will be  coming home every Monday and should be returned every Friday!!!! The books students are bringing home should fall into the easy or just right category. They are reading for fluency and understanding.

    Math Flashcards: Can be purchased at discount stores and/or use the ones I send home. Pull out 5-10 cards to work on at a time. Once your child knows a card replace it with a new one. Work on addition first, then subtraction. Work on facts for 5 and less first! The goal is memorization. 

    Spelling:Lists will come home. 

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