How to Select 'Just Right' Books

  • Here is what we teach the children about how to select "Just Right" books:

    The Goldilocks Strategy 

    ‘Too Easy’ books (Good for practicing fluency)

    1. The book doesn't have many words on a page. 

    2. The print is big.

    3. You can read the words fluently and with an interesting voice.

    4. You know how to say all the words in the book.

    5. If the book is short, you've read it lots of times.

    6. Your thinking comes easy as you're reading the story.

    7. You totally understand the story.

    ‘Too Hard’ books

    1. There are often lots of words on a page.

    2. Often the print is too small.

    3. There are a lot of words that you can't figure out (failed the five finger test).

    4. You don't know what the tricky words mean.

    5. There's no one to help you if you get stuck.

    6. You don't know much about this subject.

    7. Your reading becomes choppy, not smooth.

    8. You are not enjoying the book because you have to do too much word work.

    9. You don't have schema for the subject.

    10. Your thinking is confused and you don't know what is happening in the book.

    ‘Just Right’ books

    1. The book looks interesting.

    2. You can figure out most of the tricky words in the book.

    3. Maybe someone has read this book aloud to you.

    4. You might have read other books by this author.

    5. There is someone to give you help if you need it.

    6. You know something about this subject.

    7. You can read the book with smooth fluency but there are some choppy places.

    8. Your reading rate is just right- not too slow and not too fast.

    9. You enjoy the book.

    10. You can understand the story.