Classroom News

  • Welcome to the News page! This page is a repeat of the supply list that went home in June. I find that this is the biggest reason parents visit my site. It's a long stretch from June to September! I hope this is helpful!


                                             Supplies Requested for Mrs. Snowball's 2nd Grade Classroom


          1)      One 8 or 12 count box of broad-tipped washable markers

          2)      A plastic pencil box or container that your child can label and fit into his or her

    desk (you may be able to reuse the one from 1st grade)

          3)      An old smock or T-shirt to wear for art class and painting projects

          4)      Two photographs: one of your child alone and one favorite photo of something

    that is meaningful to your child (these will be used throughout the year on our

    “Helper of the Week” bulletin board and will be returned to you as the year ends)  

    5) One pair of scissors

    6) One box of crayons (no more than 24 count)

    7) One dozen sharpened pencils (please buy wooden ones as opposed to plastic or plastic coated pencils...they are easier on our electric sharpeners, although not as pretty)

    8) Two large erasers

    9) Two writing journals (ex: black and white marbled covers)

    10) Four large glue sticks