Capital Project 2015

  • Thank you, voters! The project passed and construction will begin during the summer of 2016. Check this page throughout the course of construction for additional updates.

    The Cambridge Central School Board of Education and the CCS Building Committee are asking the residents of the district to consider a capital project to address some critical needs in the areas of:

    • Education

    • Health and Safety

    • An Emergency Situation


    New Academic Library Media Centers for both the elementary and high schools.

    • Create high quality learning centers our students need to succeed

    • Exterior entrance and restrooms to allow for expanded hours of access and evening use of distance learning

    Health and Safety:

    Centralized office space and securing the elementary entrance.

    • Providing a secure elementary entrance

    • Providing direct parent access to the Nurse’s Office

    • Expansion of the Nurse’s Office to include a “sick room” and shower

    • Shared office space will allow more efficient scheduling of support staff

    An Emergency Situation:

    The storm water pipe running 15 ft. below the locker rooms is broken in multiple places flooding the undersized elementary gym during heavy rains, making it unusable teaching or practice space. As a result, elementary PE classes have been moved to the auditorium all year.

    The entire pipe must be excavated to repair the problem. This will require one of the elementary gym walls be torn down, to get the excavator on site, and the floors of both locker rooms be dug up.  

    In addition to the emergency repair, state aid will also cover several other deficiencies to  be addressed:

    • The small gymnasium will be enlarged to full court size, allowing it to be used more effectively for classes, practice, and competition;

    • A small set of bleachers, for students and visitors, will be installed in the elementary gym;

    • Elementary PE storage will all be added as a benefit of this repair project;

    • The boys and girls locker rooms will be redone,

    • Lockers in the 6th grade wing and high school will be replaced.

    Proposed Project Total Cost:


    Reduced by:

    Smarter Schools program (-$914,980)


    79.5% State Aid(-$7,811,571)

    Approximate Cost to District Taxpayers:

    $2,014,304 (over 15 years)


    For a home appraised at  full value of $100,000:

    with Senior Star:  $19 per year   or $1.58 a month

    with Star:$39 per yearor$3.25 a month

    No Star:$56 per yearor$4.67 a month

    Public Presentations

    Town of Jackson-Wednesday-March 4, 2015-1:00 PM

    Village of Cambridge-Wednesday-March 4, 2015-7:00 PM

    Town of Cambridge-Monday-March 9, 2015-7:30 PM

    Town of White Creek-Tuesday-March 10, 2015-7:30 PM

    Public Library-Monday-March 16, 2015-7:00 PM

    CCS-Tuesday-March 24, 2015-7:00 PM

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