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    Here are some strategies that you can do at home to help your child become a better reader.


    What Can Parents Do At Home To Help With Reading?


    If your child doesn’t know a word, remind them of the strategies they have been taught:

    • Look at the picture.
    • Get your mouth ready to read.
    • Look at the first letter of the word-“Put the first sound on your lips”.
    • Look for word parts you know.
    • Read it all the way through.
    • Think about what is happening and try something.
    • Does that word make sense?
    • Does the word look right?
    • Does that word sound right?
    • Go back and reread the whole sentence.

    Don’t do anything for the child that the child can do alone!


    **** Give your child chances to reread the same story many times. This is the key to successful reading. It is called fluency. The more your child reads, the more confident he or she will become. ****


    After your Child Reads A Passage, Ask:

    ü  Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How?

    ü  Main idea of the passage? What was the author trying to get across?

    ü  Sequence of events: What happened first? Second? Third? etc.

    ü  Favorite character-Why?

    ü  Did any part of the story confuse you?

    ü  Talk about the “what-ifs”.- For example, What if you were the main character?


    When Reading Nonfiction Ask:

    • What was the main topic?-Look at the first sentence or paragraph.
    • How is the topic supported? Give details.
    • How is it similar to something else you have learned?
    • What did you learn that is new?