• In the 1st and 4th quarters your child will receive their scores for the Presidential Physical Fitness test.  This is done in five different categories, giving you an overview of your child’s fitness level. 



    SIT-UPS: your child is given one minute to do as many as they can.


    SHUTTLE RUN: timed in seconds, this is a quick agility run.


    SIT AND REACH: this test measures flexability.


    PULL-UPS: if a child can not do a pull up, then they hold their chin over the bar doing a "flexed arm hang."


    ONE MILE RUN:  Students are encouraged to do their best with the four laps around the track.



    To read the charts located on the connecting pages do the following. Locate either girl or boy on the left hand side, find their age and follow it straight across the chart, looking at the top to find the fitness activity.  The 50th or 85th percentile charts tell you how your child’s fitness compares to their same age peers across the country.