Grading Policy

  • Grading Policy



    Each assignment is worth 100 points.  To receive full credit, the entire assignment must be complete and noticeably attempted.  Partial credit will be given when not everything is complete.  Full credit can be then given if corrections are made or if your child stays for help with the assignment 9th period.

    Classwork/Homework is worth about 25% of the quarterly grade.


    Writing Notebook (I will provide)

    This notebook will be used for a couple of different things.  Depending on the day, your child may have to write about what they are reading.  This could be a short summary of what they are reading, or maybe if they would recommend the book they are reading to their peers and why.  I may also give the class a writing prompt on any subject and ask them to write about it.  To receive full credit, your child will be graded on each of these entries based on the effort they put into them.  These grades will be given in a check +, check, or check - system.

    Writing Notebook is worth about 25% of the quarterly grade.


    Quizzes, Exams, Projects

    Students will occasionally be given quizzes or exams to measure skills we have worked on within all areas of reading.  They may also be asked to complete up to one major project per quarter.

    Quizzes are worth about 10% of the quarterly grade.  Exams and projects are worth about 15% of the quarterly grade.



    Each week your child can earn up to 100 participation points.  These points are based on whether he or she is prepared and on time for class, having a positive attitude, being respectful of the other students and teacher, and finally for participating in class discussions.  These grades will be given out on the last school day of every week.

     Participation points are worth about 25% of the quarterly grade.