• Breakfast at CCS $1.70

    1. Milk                                                  
    2. Juice & Fruit                            **must take one
    3. Grains & Proteins
      1. choose 2 grains
      2. choose 1 grain & 1protein
      3. choose 1 breakfast entrée (combination food)
    • Milk: 1% white or Skim flavored 
    • Juice: apple, orange
    • Fruit: assorted fresh and canned
    • Grains: assorted cereals and muffins
    • Protein: yogurt, cheese stick
    • Entrée: pancakes, breakfast sandwich, Pillsbury filled crescents, Rich's breakfast bites, whole bagel with cream cheese

    If you would like your child to purchase breakfast at school, it will be served starting at 7:45 a.m.  

    If your child rides the bus to school would like to purchase breakfast at school, the bus driver will release them at 7:45 a.m. Students buying breakfast need to go straight to the cafeteria. All students can not go to their lockers or their classroom from the cafeteria until the 7:50 a.m. bell rings and it will not interfere with the classroom schedule.

    High school students are Grab-n-Go because they must get to class on time. We also do two abbreviated breakfast periods for 7-12 students.  After the 1st and 2nd period bell.

     * Breakfast is included in the FREE & REDUCED MEAL PROGRAM