Food Allergies

  • It is the goal of the Cambridge Central School District’s Cafeteria to provide safe food as well as a safe eating environment to all students with food allergies.  By working together with the student, parent/guardian, and school personnel, students with food allergies will be able to participate in breakfast and lunch  provided by the school district.   

    The school nurse informs the cafeteria manager of student’s with food allergies and the diet restrictions ordered by the doctor.  The cafeteria manager communicates with the student and their parents/guardians as needed along with other school personnel.   

     After being informed the manager/ cafeteria staff will:

    1. place a notation on the student’s cafeteria account
    2. add the student’s name & allergy to the allergy list in the kitchen
    3. make sure the grade level lunch monitor(s) is informed so they can correctly assist the student in selecting food as needed
    4. make sure all cafeteria employees are informed so they can correctly assist the student as needed

    Nut Allergies

    Due to the unique risks with nut allergies there will be a designated table in each cafeteria that will be nut-free during meals.  The lunch monitor will ensure that all students eating at this table have nut-free lunches.  The custodial staff will clean this table and area according to protocol. 

    On the menu foods that may contain nuts will be noted with an * in front of it.