Espanol II Class Expectations and Grading Policy

  • Class Expectations & Grading Policy

    Español II

    Sra. Narkiewicz

    This class is graded on class participation, skills and assignments.

     1) Class participation is an extremely important part of this class and the largest grade received. Your child will receive a class participation grade (usually) every five days (20 points/day), approximately once a week. Class participation is how your child uses class time. This includes effort, being prepared, respectful, and on time, and trying to do what is expected during class time. It is not necessarily being correct, just being willing to try. The key to successfully learning a language is practicing the language. This includes speaking, listening, reading, writing, and learning about the cultures...all in Spanish. Your child is (eventually) expected to use Spanish at all times in the classroom. Each student is taught how to ask a question when they don't know the word or understand what is being said/taught. Each student is given specific opportunities to engage and grow in the language every day, regardless of how timid or knowledgeable s/he might be. The key to class participation is trying one's best in class each day.

    2) After appropriate preparation, each language skill is tested through a variety of formats. This could be a quiz, test, conversation, project or presentation, or anything graded. The student will always be clearly informed of what and when this is, as well as how it is graded.

    3) An assignment grade is given (usually) for every five assignments (20 points each), approximately every one to two weeks, and may be classwork or homework. It is not graded on accuracy or correctness, only on effort and that it was completed in good faith. An assignment is due at the beginning of class for full credit. A student may receive half credit if it is completed by the end of the day (and answers not given in class). If it is not received by the end of the day, the student must stay after and complete it or make alternate arrangements with the teacher THAT DAY! Cheating of any kind results in a non-negotiable zero. In class, we have discussed what it is and what not to do. Cheating is very obvious to the teacher. This includes copying and using certain computer programs and translators, as well as sharing your work and information.

    The lowest of any one of these grades (#s 1-3 from above) is dropped each marking period.

    General Information:

     Materials Needed: pens (dark-writing), pencils with eraser, 200 note/index cards (non-fluorescent), (2) one subject notebooks (spiral or composition), 1 heavy-duty (expandable if possible) folder (for Spanish ONLY), or a binder; 8+ coloring instruments (pencils, markers OR crayons).

      Optional, but handy: 4 dry-erase markers, scissors, glue stick, book cover, pencil case (soft or hard) 

    All items except notebooks, folder and notecards may be used for other classes as well. If you need help acquiring these classroom materials, let me know!

    Absences are the responsibility of the student and need to be made up within 2 weeks (longer for extended absences). The student needs to meet with the teacher (in person or remotely) to review what was taught, use Spanish and to make up any missing work, which includes class participation points.  It is understood that Spanish is not the student’s only class and I am very flexible. However, it is extremely important that the student understands it is her/his responsibility to see me. All homework is posted on my teacher website found on the CCS home page. . Class participation still needs to be made up in person!

     Extra help is always available during free time or after school, in person or remotely. The student is expected to stay after school if s/he is showing difficulty in a particular area, has neglected to do her/his work or is requested to do so by the teacher.

    Please call or email me if you have any concerns or questions. I can only help if I am aware of the issue and I am happy to communicate with you! My job is to teach your child Spanish…successfully!

    Phone: 677-8527 X 1508                                        Email: