Tarea para la clase de español 7 (7th Grade Spanish Homework Assignments)

  •   Tarea para la clase de español 7/Trimestre 3

    (7th grade Spanish Class Homework/3rd Quarter)

    Date Due:         Assignment:                                                                                                               


    1/2         Letrero/Placa de nombre (Spanish name sign in bold/large colored letters 

                       with color drawings of 5 things you enjoy (no inglés).
                  Make sure to fill out the whole sign with your Spanish name spelled correctly.
                       Fold the card stock in half and only draw/color on one of the sides.
                      It doesn't matter which way you fold it in half.
                      I have crayons if you need to borrow them

    2/2         (Fix if necessary, or bring in if it was late):

               Letrero/Placa de nombre (Spanish name sign in bold/large colored letters 

                       with color drawings of 5 things you enjoy (no inglés).  
    7/2 Classroom Expectations & Grading Policy: read and signed by you and parent/guardian
           -Materiales para la clase de español: labeled classroom materials
    1-carpeta (encuadernador;=binder/folder)
    2-cuaderno (notebook)
    3-200 tarjetas (index cards; may be homemade from paper)
    4-un lápiz (pencil with eraser)
    5-un bolígrafo (pen of dark color)
    6-cartuchera (pencil case)
    7-marcadores/lápices de color/(o) crayones (8 colored markers/pencils/(or) crayons
    8-ESPAÑOL (label for binder)
    10/2 -Prueba (Quiz on): Spanish 7 Classroom Expectations & Grading Policy    
             -All labeled MATERIALES (every day)!
    14/2 Correcciones de la prueba/Correct your quiz by crossing out the wrong answer  
            (if you wrote one), and writing the correct answer in a different, dark color.
    28/2 V5 (en el reverso)/Fill in math sentences, plus create a new addition AND a
                  new subtraction sentence with new numbers (spell everything out in Spanish, correctly, 
                  including the math signs (+/-/=). For the 2 math sentences you create, write the digits next 
                  to the Spanish number. Por ejemplo: siete (7).

    3/3: 14  tarjetas #s0-12/(14) flashcards for each of the numbers 0-12,

    plus the words "Los NÚMEROS" on one card and a bunch of numerals, or, "#s" on the other side;

     Spanish spelling on one side/GIANT numeral on the other with your Spanish initials and class number

    (74 or 77) on EACH card; NO English! Spelling counts, as this will be graded, so use your V5.


    7/3 Correcciones de las tarjetas: 0-14
              (Correct the 14 number flashcards that were due on Friday, 3/3.
               Cross out the word with the highlighted error in a different color, and write the word correctly in the new color.
              If you forgot your initials or course ID, write them next to the highlighter mark in a different color.
              If you did not do them, you have until tomorrow, or the 0% quiz grade will be permanent).
    8/3 Prueba (quiz): Los números 0-12
    14/3  -10 tarjetas de los DÍAS/10 flashcards for the 7 days of the week, plus 3 more:
                                  "Los días de la semana, el fin de semana, ¡Buen fin de semana!".
                 Half cards are fine. 
                       All information can be found in your packet on p. V8.
                       Remember, Spanish days are lower case, but English days (on the other side of the card) must be capitalized.
                       Also, a reminder to put your initials and Class ID on each card.
                      These will be graded.
    14/3   -TAREA 2 (Second Homework for 14/3/martes): 
                  Correct Number Quiz: Five times each in Spanish, plus the numeral five times. Do the extra credit one time.
                  For example:
                  3 tres
                  3 tres
                  3 tres
                  3 tres
                  3 tres
                  It must be hand-written, either on the quiz, or another piece of paper.
    24/3 (Solo 74) Una tarjeta con tu nombre formal e informal; con iniciales y ID del curso
                    Finish (if you didn't in class) making the Name card we were working on in class today.
                   One side, your Spanish name in GIANT LETTERS, on the other side, your formal name:
                        Sr. Last Name                or                  Srta. Last Name (All Giant Letters)!
                       (Señor)                                                  (Señorita)