Tarea para la clase de español 7 (7th Grade Spanish Homework Assignments)

  •   Tarea para la clase de español 7/Trimestre 1

    (7th grade Spanish Class Homework/1st Quarter)

    Date Due:         Assignment:                                                                                                               


     9/9         Letrero/Placa de nombre/Spanish name sign in bold letters and colors
    with drawings of the things you enjoy (no inglés)

          -Signed (by you and guardian): Classroom Expectations & Grading Policy
    -Materiales para la clase
    (1 binder (or durable, expandable folder), 1 notebook, 200 index cards, pencils with
    erasers, dark-colored pen,
    8 coloring instruments (crayons, markers or colored pencils),
    binder pouch or pencil case.
    20/9 -Materiales
    11/10 & 12/10: IN PERSON, 9th period ONLY/ALL Make-up work & any graded class work
    not done correctly (9/21,22,23,26,30 "second/last chance"

    19/10   2 frase de mates (1 +/1 -)/2 math sentences: one addition;
    one subraction (V5 back),
    written out completely in Spanish and in numbers/signs.
    Must be different than the ones on the top of paper (V5 back),
    and different than your classmates.
    Do not repeat any numbers! Spelling counts.
    Example: dieciocho más uno son diecinueve (18 + 1 = 19)
    once menos seis son cinco (11 - 6 = 5)
    26/10 10 tarjetas de "DÍAS"/10 "Days" cards (Mon-Fri;+ "days of the week";
    weekend, and "Have a nice weekend"
    (All found on V8 of packet). Remember initials/course ID. These will
    be graded.
    3/11     If you haven't completed the Google Form for voting for the HUEVOS, please do so for homework! 
                     Make sure to choose one different number for each category (and that it is in that category)!
    14/11    HO de permiso: El LIBRO de la VIDA/Book of Life Movie permission slip
                 HO de permiso: Excursión a Saratoga/Saratoga Field Trip permission slip and $25
    5/12 FORMULARIOS de VELAS/Candle Order Forms & $-December 5th