Español IV & V/Advanced Spanish


    Español IV & V/Advanced Spanish

    Here is some useful information about Spanish IV and V, including the materials needed (and a listing of all the homework assignments for the quarter). Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. The first Advanced Spanish IV class incorporates Spanish 201 (see below). The  Spanish V course is Advanced Conversational (Spanish) and may only be taken after Spanish IV. The goal of this course is to maintain and improve the student's Spanish proficiency while pursuing specific interests.




    Spanish 201

    (offered through SUNY Adirondack for 3 college credits)

    Course Description:

    This course will continue to enhance your knowledge of Spanish through conversation, reading, writing, grammar and interacting with culture. This course is for junior and senior students that have taken 3 or more years of Spanish and maintained an 85% or above in the course, as well as on the Spanish III ("Regents") Final Exam.

    Student Objectives:

    -You will be able to recall and expand your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Our class time is for the practice of Spanish.  Take risks and try to use all you know to express yourself (no English please).

    -You will be able to increase your ability to understand Spanish from various current channels of information (cinema, music, art, literature, articles, and realia).

    -You will have a strong foundation of some of the people, places and events that have influenced Hispanic culture and many Spanish-speaking countries.

    -You will become aware of some current issues facing Latin America and Spain.

    -A continual study of world language(s) will widen your career possibilities, improve communication, and broaden your understanding of international news and travel.

    Contact/Questions/Additional Info:

    518-677-8527 X:1508                                   


    (2) separate one-subject notebooks (spiral or composition; may be used/partial); 1 inch (or larger) three-ring binder; 200 note/index cards (non-fluorescent); 1 binder pouch/pencil case; pencils with erasers; 2+ pens of different colors (dark-writing); 8+ coloring utensils (colored pencils, markers or crayons)

    Optional, but handy:

    4 dry-erase markers, scissors, glue stick, book cover, 4 dividers, loose leaf paper (25 sheets)


    All items may be recycled from previous classes, if functional.

    All items, except notebooks, binder/folder and notecards may be used for other classes as well.

    If you need help acquiring these classroom materials, let me know!