• In our classroom, we have set up a traffic light.  Each child has a clothes pin with his or her name on it.  All clothes pins surround the green light on the bottom.  If we have to ask a friend to stop making a bad choice, he or she simply are asked to stop.   If the child is asked to stop again, he or she is then told that if the behavior continues, he or she may have to move his or her name to the yellow light. At that point, if the behavior continues, his or her name is moved to the red light.  


    At the end of every day, the children are asked to look at the traffic light, and see if they made good choices that day, based on what color their name is on.   They then pick the color marker needed to mark the color day they had.   At the end of the week, if your child has had all green days, he or she is allowed to choose from the prize box.   If your child has at least one yellow day, he or she is given a prize of the teacher’s choice.   If your child has at least one red day, no prize will be given.  


    The traffic light seams to be working very well for most of the friends, and we have seen friends make good choices after they realize they may have to move from green to yellow.       


    As always, if there are any changes happening at home, please make us aware. This will assist us to be more aware of the choices your child is making, and will most likely help him or her from being on yellow or red!   We love to see days when all of our friends are on green!